LEED Certification: How ChemTreat Can Help

LEED Certification: How ChemTreat Can Help

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System is the worldwide standard for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings, created to help maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

ChemTreat offers support to companies seeking LEED certification in several areas.

ChemTreat Support for LEED Certification

Programs to Help You Earn LEED Credits

Our experienced team can provide support in the following areas:

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of cooling and heating systems by using locally manufactured products and low-carbon raw materials
  • Reducing carbon emissions from operations or capturing carbon from processes using flue gas scrubbers for facilities with waste treatment plants
  • Helping facilities go carbon negative by converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbonate alkalinity, which can be separated out in a treatment plant
  • Improving system efficiency by treating cooling systems and air scrubbers to reduce pathogens, remove volatile organics and other air pollutants, and mitigate corrosion
  • Reducing the toxicity of the waters discharged from cooling and heat systems
  • Lowering air pollution from cooling tower plumes that may contain toxic or harmful substances or large particulate emissions

Designing a New Facility

Get in touch with our team as early as possible in your design phase. We can help with:

  • Devising an optimal cooling system with minimal blowdown so you can get the most out of each gallon of water you use
  • Planning out efficient heating and boiler systems that capture returned condensate and pull heat from discharged water, so BTUs are not sent to the drain
  • Assisting with the creation of a zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) facility, which may involve installing clarifiers or filtration, softeners, and/or reverse osmosis (RO) systems

Certifying an Existing Facility

We also support existing facilities looking to get LEED certified. Our team can help with:

  • Auditing current energy and water consumption to identify gaps and recommend process improvements, including system cleanings and treatment program optimizations
  • Supporting facilities looking to transition to Zero-Liquid Discharge by advising on equipment and facility needs

If you’re looking to earn LEED credits at your facility, contact ChemTreat today and let us help you on your journey toward meeting your environmental goals.

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