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About Us

About Us

Our Water Treatment Business

At ChemTreat, we understand success is centered on demonstrating reliability and earning trust. When customers purchase our products, they’re really buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing a seasoned ChemTreat field engineer has everything under control.

water treatment company

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, ChemTreat is one of the largest and fastest growing industrial water treatment companies in the world. An entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless problem-solving approach unite our 800 associates across the globe in the delivery of world-class products and services. ChemTreat creates lasting partnerships and sustainable value by aligning our entire organization around the common goal of making our customers more successful.

water treatment business
ChemTreat’s commitment to sustaining a strong culture of integrity and compliance is critically important to our success. To view our Standards of Conduct, access Danaher’s Integrity Helpline, or get information regarding Danaher and its subsidiaries’ compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, see Danaher’s Integrity and Compliance Program.

Our Water Treatment Service Model

When industrial water treatment customers choose to purchase our products, we understand what they’re really investing in is the service and relationship ChemTreat’s experts provide. That’s why we employ the very best field personnel available, with an average of over 25 years of experience. They approach their business as a partnership, providing customers with water treatment services that maximize system effectiveness through a unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and superior technical expertise. In the ChemTreat model, these field engineers reside in a territory for their entire career, offering customers unparalleled stability and continuity. They are supported by the most experienced technical service team among industrial water treatment companies and a world class R&D group with a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. All of this expertise accompanies chemicals provided at reasonable and predictable prices, which is why our customer attrition rate is three times less than competing water treatment companies.

Advanced Chemical Treatment Programs

Our company has developed a robust product portfolio for the prevention of corrosion, scale, and biofouling in critical heat transfer systems and advanced polymers for wastewater treatment. One such example is our Quadrasperse® product line, which controls calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate, and iron deposits in high-stress boiler and cooling water applications, allowing our customers to increase their cycles of concentration, generate substantial cost savings, and increase system performance. Additional products include volatile and conventional oxygen scavengers, polymeric scale inhibitors, blended amines, dispersants, antifoulants, oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides, corrosion inhibitors, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning products, oil and grease removal programs, water softeners, odor neutralizers, hydrogen sulfide scavengers, defoamers, raw water treatment products, and products for coagulation, flocculation, clarification, and sludge dewatering. We also provide air stripper treatment and automation monitoring and control.

Brochure | Capabilities
Our Capabilities

Trusted high-performance solutions for industrial water treatment.
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Brochure | Neat Delivery
Drumless Chemical Delivery

ChemTreat’s Neat Delivery Program provides a “hands off” chemical delivery service.
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Brochure | Monitoring & Control
Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista® is the dynamic way to control your water.
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Brochure | HPI/CPI Industry
Hydrocarbon & Chemical Processing

Refiners and chemical producers strive to increase asset availability.
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