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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

ChemTreat’s environmental, health, and safety policy integrates our concern for the world’s waterways into all operations, products, and services and to finish each and every day injury and incident free.

Our values specify that all processes involving our products and practices will be undertaken with a concern for protecting the environment including efforts in the area of water reclamation. As a company, we feel we must do more than just maintain the minimums of environmental regulatory compliance, working to prevent pollution where possible.

We do this in several ways. We can help you with your NPDES permit programs (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) using our experience in treating wastewater from industrial direct or indirect point sources. Since receiving a wastewater discharge permit and meeting ongoing requirements can be costly and time consuming, partnering with an experienced company like ChemTreat can make the process less complex and keep operating costs to a minimum while maintaining NPDES compliance.

Additionally, we assist our customers in meeting their own objectives, minimizing adverse environmental impacts from their processes through the implementation of the most effective water treatment programs. To accomplish these goals, ChemTreat works in partnership with customers to produce the most efficient water and energy management systems, not only to optimize process effectiveness but also to conserve such resources as fuel, natural waters, and materials of construction.

One such process is found in establishing a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) program where practical. Using an array of technologies like: physical and chemical treatments, filtration, membrane and separation technology, we’ll specify best in class solutions to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced – virtually eliminating harmful effluent wastewater discharge reaching outside a plant’s boundary.

These goals would be impossible to achieve without the hard work and dedication of our employees. Their health and safety is the foundation of our company and continues to be one of our highest priorities. Programs developed in the health and safety section of the environmental, health, and safety management system are designed to protect our employees through standardized practices and training. By keeping our employees safe every day, ChemTreat can continue to serve you at the highest level possible.