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Power Producers


Power Producers

With the demand for power reaching new highs, large power plants are being constructed at an incredible rate. In the years to come, these new plants, along with existing facilities, will be relied upon to meet the needs of a continually growing population.


Providing Powerful Solutions for Your Critical System

As plants become increasingly integrated, they require an experienced team of water treatment professionals to meet their unique demands. For example, new ways to use atypical waters are being investigated to address the high demand on local water sources, including internal water reuse and water recycling from wastewater treatment plants. Tight environmental restrictions are also leading to the use of complex waste minimization equipment.

power 2ChemTreat is uniquely positioned to provide engineering services and support for design, pre-operation, startup, and continued plant operation. We provide an experienced team, local representation, and corporate engineering, which remains constant throughout the various stages of a plant’s operating life.

As one of the world’s largest providers of water treatment products and services, ChemTreat is positioned to meet the current and future needs of the power industry. ChemTreat is staffed to to meet the needs of all major power producers and is an active participant in many state and local organizations, including CTI, Powergen, and HRSG users group.

Brochure | Solutions for Power Producers
Power Industry Capabilities

Specialty chemicals and services relating to all phases of water treatment for the power industry’s needs.
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Case History | New Power Plant Construction
Chemtreat Wins New Plant Construction

A new natural gas-fired power plant planned to use gray water as the source.
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Power Producers CAPABILITIES

Water Pretreatment

Boiler Systems

Cooling Water Systems


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Throughout August, ChemTreat will be attending some major power industry events. Fill out our Power Form to schedule time with an expert power representative!

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