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Steam & Condensate


Steam & Condensate

High-quality condensate is a valuable component of boiler feedwater. To ensure using returned condensate maximizes your system efficiency, it must be treated to achieve optimum quality.


Quality Condensate

High-quality condensate has the proper pH and the lowest possible iron level. Carbon dioxide, and subsequently carbonic acid, are typically present in condensate from the breakdown of bicarbonate alkalinity in the feedwater. Carbon dioxide lowers the condensate pH, and carbonic acid corrodes metals. If left untreated, acidic condensate will corrode lengths of condensate return piping, pipe threads, nipples, and elbows, resulting in leaks and process equipment deterioration and failure.

The initial approaches to eliminating condensate corrosion begin with pretreatment to prevent carbonic acid and carbon dioxide formation. When carbon dioxide has formed, corrosion inhibitors are necessary to maximize the condensate quality. The most common solutions consist of blended neutralizing amine treatments and filming inhibitors.

Steam Purity / Carryover

Boiler water carryover (the entrainment of boiler water in the steam) can be caused by a high concentration of dissolved solids in the boiler, resulting in surface tension reduction and boiler water destabilization. This condition may also generate foam in the steam drum. When boiler water is carried out of the steam generator with steam, it also carries dissolved salts and contaminants in the water. These contaminants can deposit onto superheater tubes, causing tube failures. Deposits can also enter and deposit on turbine blades. If severe or prolonged, they can plug steam lines.

ChemTreat has defoamers and procedures to address boiler carryover when it is an existing problem, or determined to be a potential problem. Our field engineers will perform tests to determine your boiler steam purity, evaluate the system operation, and customize a solution to eliminate carryover.

Case History | Reduce Plant Downtime
Carryover Control

ChemTreat solves deposit control issues caused by carryover in Ethanol plant’s steam control valves.
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Case History | Boiler Feed System
Automated Feed Systems

Major variances in cycle control, conductivity, P-alkalinity, phosphate control, and overall chemical control.
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Boiler System Failures Manual
Access ChemTreat’s manual for analysis and diagnosis of boiler system failures. This manual contains examples of issues in specific boiler system components that can affect your operational efficiency.

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