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Legionella Treatment and Testing


Legionella Treatment and Testing

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Legionella outbreaks happen suddenly and swiftly. Are you aware of Legionella in your water? Are you properly protected? Learn about the requirements for Legionella prevention and how to manage Legionella in your system.

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Since the 1976 outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Philadelphia, data continues to demonstrate how dangerous Legionella pneumophila bacteria can be to the general public.

Recent events involving cooling towers have been highlighted in national news reports. Maintaining clean cooling systems, proper mechanical operation, and chemical programs within design limits are all important aspects of services ChemTreat provides its customers. We remain diligent in our efforts and provide our customers with timely information. Our effort to continue to provide the highest quality water treatment programs begins with each of our sales representatives in connecting to our customers.


In 2010, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported 3,346 incidences and up to 18,000 hospitalizations resulting from Legionnaires’ disease. The CDC also states that many infections are not reported, and this number could be significantly higher.

Sources of Legionella Bacteria

Legionella bacteria are found in water systems with a general temperature range of 68°F to 120°F. Legionella bacteria are parasites that survive in host organisms. Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, domestic/potable hot water systems, fountains, spas, and respiratory equipment are all systems that can harbor and create an active growing environment for host Protozoa and support the spread of the Legionella.

Guidelines for Legionella Prevention

ASHRAE guideline 12-2000, Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems and OSHA 1998 guidance, “OSHA Technical Manual, Legionnaires’ Disease” provide guidance in order to minimize Legionella contamination in water systems. The proposed ASHRAE 188 standard is expected to become the risk management standard for the control of legionellosis in building water systems.

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Control & Prevent

ChemTreat can help decrease your Legionella risk. Contact us to learn more.
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Legionella Risk Management

ChemTreat’s sustainable treatment program complies with ASHRAE standards.
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Why FlexPro® CL?

FlexPro® CL is a breakthrough innovation for complex systems in cooling water treatment.
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