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Cooling Tower Water Treatment


Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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ChemTreat takes the time to understand your exact needs before recommending a chemical treatment program for industrial cooling systems. A full system audit, which includes operational history and inefficiencies, allows your field engineer to determine the potential for corrosion, fouling, and scaling within your cooling system.

cooling tower water treatment

Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers and Systems

Our chemical programs are effectively used for the reduction and prevention of the three major issues your industrial cooling water system may encounter: corrosion, deposition, and microbial growth.

Corrosion leads to metal loss that can result in critical system failures in heat exchangers, recirculating water piping, and process cooling equipment. Corrosion also results in a loss of efficiency as corrosion products precipitate on heat transfer devices, insulating the metals.

Cooling towers are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that cause deposit formation, such as mineral scales and sludge. Deposition interferes with heat transfer, increases corrosion rates, restricts water flow, and causes loss of process efficiency and production.

Optimizing Cooling System Efficiency

Biological organisms, including algae, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi, often find their breeding grounds in cooling towers. If not properly controlled, biological growth forms and acts as a natural adhesion surface for scale formation, resulting in fouling.

All of these conditions can be seriously problematic when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of your cooling water tower or system. ChemTreat’s full range of cooling water chemicals can provide excellent protection against these cooling system challenges.

Discover more | ChemTreat’s cooling water chemicals handle problems in these main areas:

Corrosion Inhibition

Scale / Deposition Control

Biological Control

Legionella Control

Brochure | FlexPro® CL
FlexPro® CL

Learn more about our new breakthrough corrosion inhibitor.
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Case History | Fouling issues solved
Quadrasperse® Solves Fouling in Gulf Plant

ChemTreat turns things around in a large, open recirculating cooling system.
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Recycling with Quadrasperse®
Quadrasperse® Provides Green Solution

Quadpolymer provides green solution by utilizing wastewater effluent for cooling tower makeup.
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