Cooling Water Treatment Fundamentals | 10-Minute Tech Series

Cooling Water Treatment Fundamentals | 10-Minute Tech Series


This on-demand webinar introduces the fundamentals of cooling water treatment for industrial applications in around 10 minutes.

Watch if you want to learn more about:

  • Cooling system types and how they work
  • Common challenges in cooling water treatment
  • Chemical treatment programs used address these challenges

Meet the Expert:

Rajendra P. Kalakodimi, PhD

Director of Cooling Water

Rajendra P. Kalakodimi is the Director of Cooling Water at ChemTreat. He received an M.S. in Physical Chemistry at Andhra University and a PhD in Electrochemistry at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in 2003. While in India, Dr. Kalakodimi served as the Engineering Technical Leader at the GE India Technology Centre in Bangalore and as Product Manager for Chemicals and Monitoring Solutions for GE Water. He has more than 20 patent filings, 20 international publications, and various conference presentations.

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