Get Customized Recommendations for Water & Energy Savings

As natural resources become scarcer and more expensive, facility management teams are seeking new ways to meet their environmental goals.

An effective sustainability plan starts with an assessment of where and how you’re using water at your facility.

ChemTreat can provide a full assessment of your systems as well as customized recommendations for reducing water usage in your chillers and cooling towers. Get your sustainability report to start saving water at your facility.

What’s Included in the Sustainability Report?

After completing your site’s water usage profile, our next step will be building the report out, identifying where the largest improvements can be made. Areas of focus may include:

  • Water usage
  • Water treatment and how it can enhance energy efficiency
  • Uncovering missed opportunities for improved sustainability efforts

The report will detail your current state and how to achieve your water savings goals.

Click here to learn how we helped one university/medical complex improve system design to save money and meet its environmental goals.