Wastewater Odor Control Solution Helps Large Distillery Improve Community Relations

Wastewater Odor Control Solution Helps Large Distillery Improve Community Relations

The Problem

Plant personnel at a Caribbean rum distillery noticed nuisance malodors emanating from their new wastewater facility. Concerned with the potential to affect members of the fence line community, the distillery decided to quickly take action.

ChemTreat was asked to find a stopgap measure while the customer investigated the root cause of the odor issue.

The Solution

ChemTreat’s wastewater technical team and local representatives worked to find the right treatment program to help the customer resolve the odor problem. After a full audit, ChemTreat identified the issues and made their recommendations.

Treatment included:

  • ChemTreat OC9104 product to reduce the generation of the nuisance malodor from the point source within the liquid stream.
  • Dry vapor product CT9113 added to neutralize other malodor-causing constituents within the vapor phase. The ChemTreat team worked with the customer to recommend and install the equipment to apply CT9113: a ring header on top of one of the tanks to ensure proper product dispersion.

ChemTreat representatives were also involved in a community outreach program with the customer to regularly meet with the surrounding community and inform them of the progress in treating the issue. ChemTreat representatives work within their own local communities, so they have a personal stake in helping our customers solve their water treatment challenges.

The Results

ChemTreat’s value-added approach to odor control solutions helped the distillery improve community relations while avoiding potential action by the local environmental agency. Not only did our local representatives work closely with the customer and the community to help resolve the odor problem, but our technical team traveled to the facility multiple times to make recommendations and implement changes at the facility.

This approach solved the malodor issue for the distillery for three years until the distillery decided to re-engineer the wastewater treatment facility to completely resolve the root cause of the malodor issue.

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