Contributors to ChemTreat’s Water Essentials Handbook

The ChemTreat Water Essentials Handbook would not have been possible without the contributions of the following people:

Lead Contributors

Brad Buecker, Co-Author & Co-Editor

Thomas Nix, Co-Author & Co-Editor

A. Luis Carvalho, Co-Author & Co-Editor

L. Fred Roensch, PhD., Co-Author & Co-Editor

Prasad Kalakodimi, Ph.D., Co-Author & Co-Editor


William J. Algeo, Co-Author & Co-Editor

Chris Baron, Co-Author

Kevin Boudreaux, Co-Author

Jim Brickey, Co-Author

Rick Brundage, Co-Author

Helen R. Cerra, Co-Editor

Teresa Cho, Digital Strategist

Andrew C. Doak, Co-Author

Donna Strauss Donavant, Handbook Editor

Oscar G. Echeverri, Co-Author

Pete Elliott, Co-Author

Jean M. Gucciardi, Co-Author

Robert J. Guerrini, Co-Author

Tom Gurley III, Co-Author

Stephanie Harris, Project Manager

Kelly Hurst, Co-Author & Co-Editor

Rob Jones, Co-Author

Geof Kaucic, Co-Author

My Luong, Cover Design and Images

David Marturana, P.E., Co-Author

Douglas B. McIlwaine, Ph.D., Co-Author

Wendy McKinnon, Project Manager & Co-Editor

Wes Mossholder, Cover Photographer

Elena Malkov, Co-Editor & Digital Strategist

Maria T. Muñiz, Co-Author

Andrea G. Neil, Images

Lori Palmer, Project Consultant

Libardo A. Perez, Ph.D., Co-Author

Kathryn (Katie) Perryman, Co-Author

Alfonso J. Salinas, Co-Author

Ed Sylvester, Co-Author

Brian A. Silva, BSME, SSGB, Co-Author

Andrew J. Toigo, MBA – EquipSolutions LLC

Richard H. Tribble, Co-Author

Chip Wells, Co-Author

Mike White, Co-Author

Saarika K. White, Co-Author

Joel D. Wicks, Co-Author

Russ Wilkins, Project Founder

Li Yang, Co-Author