Data Center Efficiency and Sustainability Part 3: A Winning Water Treatment Strategy for Data Centers

Data Center Efficiency and Sustainability Part 3: A Winning Water Treatment Strategy for Data Centers

In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, we discussed the importance of water treatment for maintaining data center efficiency.

However, simply adding chemistry to cooling water systems is not enough. Creating a water treatment program that protects heat exchange efficiency and minimizes water usage takes a holistic approach.

1. Align Your Water Treatment Programs to Sustainability Targets

Data centers rely on a lean staff, so it is critical to have a water treatment partner to act as a part of your team and run programs to achieve your PUE, WUE, and sustainability targets.

2. Sync Chemical Feed Programs with Maintenance Schedules

Water treaters should communicate with data center operators regularly to ensure chemical feed programs align with preventative maintenance circulation schedules. 

3. Establish a Cadence for Regular Water Testing and Analysis

Regular water testing may include things like mineral balances and laboratory bacteria analysis to look for indicators of scaling and biofilm formation before they become insurmountable challenges. 

A water treatment program that uses a reactionary strategy will end up costing more in labor, chemistry, equipment years, and downtime compared to a program that uses a consistent and proactive approach.

How ChemTreat Can Help

ChemTreat is here to help you manage your water treatment program efficiently. We have assembled a highly experienced team ready to help you implement a water treatment program customized to your unique system needs.

The ChemTreat team can help your facility develop a winning water treatment strategy.

Our programs may include:

  • Alignment of chemical feed programs with preventative maintenance circulation schedules
  • Regular water testing for scaling and biofilm indicators
  • System alert implementation to monitor critical control parameters
  • A holistic approach aligning the water treatment program with the operational nuances of your facility

Free Sustainability Report

Want to know where you can make the most impact in improving PUE? ChemTreat is offering a free sustainability assessment and report to help you identify where and how you’re using water and power. We can also offer key recommendations to help you achieve your water and energy savings goals. Click the link below to claim your free report!

Of course, all systems are different, and due diligence is necessary to determine the feasibility for utilizing these methods. Always consult your equipment manuals and guides.

Meet the Expert:

Valerie Richter

Industry Technical Consultant

Valerie Richter graduated from Rutgers University and began her career in medical research. Shifting to water treatment in 2012, she was heavily involved in new construction and system startup across multiple industries. Now, consulting in raw and wastewater applications as well as cooling and boiler, she maintains a research-based approach to troubleshooting and is involved in multiple R&D projects and training development efforts. She is passionate about sustainability and finding environmentally friendly solutions.